Transitioning from Accounting/auditing to finance & investment

Hello guys,

I need your advice… So my experience lies mainly in the auditing and accounting industry, and my most recent experience is being an auditor in a financial institution. I want to make a transition to the investment industry, but I am wondering about roles, where I’d have a lot of transferable skills, which would make the transition easier.

I am interested in credit analysis for a start, and I think that i would have transferable skills for that role… but I am curious about other suggestions, of roles that would overlap in terms of skills with accounting and auditing …


As a CPA and CFA charterholder, I think I can safely say that there are quite a few charterholders out there who probably don’t know nearly enough about accounting in order to understand its nuances and the choices that are available in accounting for various types of transactions. I’ll be among the first to say that accounting isn’t very exciting. However–and this is the key point I want to make–those who go far enough in accounting to become a CPA and/or to spend a few years actually doing accounting for a for-profit employer will likely, in my view, understand enough about accounting to do well in credit analysis. Accounting is mostly about the past. Finance is mostly about the future. Knowing a lot about both fields would, I think, benefit anyone aspiring to become a credit analyst. If there’s a way that you can get ‘CPA’ after your name, so much the better for your future career. I hope this is helpful. - Warren Miller, CPA, CFA, Lexington, Virginia

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I am actually a CPA too! But I want to transition to finance now, after I have had a career in audit mainly. Thanks for the insights.