Transportation from Cambridge to London (Excel London) on the Exam day

Is anyone planning to travel from Cambridge to London on the exam day? If so, I would like to share the taxi cost which is limited to 4 passangers.

Not in the UK but my advice would be to get to London the day before and stay at a hotel. You never know what could happen and a night in a hotel costs less than $850 to retake and 6 months of your life because of an unfortunate series of events

Hey, thank you for your suggestion. Well you are right and I tried to book a hotel in London. and I didn’t know that London is the only city in UK to take the exam. I checked out all the hotels around and they are fully booked because of the exam. Looks like everybody made their plans beforehand. Way beforehand. I also tried to book a hotel which is not close by and these ones are already an hour away from the test center. Well, taxi at 6:30 AM from cambridge looks like the best option for now. It will take about an hour but I put some flexibility. Fingers crossed. I am taking that risk I know :frowning: