Travel and studying

Hello Team L3, I have to travel for the next month and will be stuck in airports or on planes for about 40-50 hours. I’m thinking this could be valuable study time. Since I will have to carry everything with me I’m trying to keep it light. I want to take only one or two CFAI books…which ones would give me the most value in terms of important readings contained in a single volume? btw, I also have the Schweser books but I’d rather start with CFAI, at least for the “core” material. I also want to focus on chapters that are more about reading/comprehension than calculations or intense note-taking since it will be difficult to find space crammed on the plane. thanks

When weight is an issue, I’d take the Schweser books with me and start with those. One piece of advice: traveling can be tiresome - don’t study when you’re tired.

I travel pretty frequently and study while on the plane/airport. If you’re trying to keep it light, best bet would be to carry a netbook and have the digital version of the curriculum. Personally, I like to carry the text around even though its extra weight. Given the focus on L3, I tend to carry the second volume more so than the others; that is probably the heart of the exam.

Try audio tapes.

Buy the CFAI online text ( VitalSource Bookshelf ) and load it into a laptop. You won’t lug anything except your laptop and still be able to read any book or chapter

Good Luck - travel time can appear to be a good block of time offering the opportunity for study with limited opportunity cost (found time). In practice I find that the quality of the study outcome is no always so hot with all the hustle and bustle and distraction but it is somewhat productive nonetheless

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