Travel app for iphone and andriod

I need help from my AF friends~!!!

Are there useful apps for iphone and andriod (preferred) when travelling to Europe?

Do you think it’s worth while to get a SIM card there? or is it better to just stick to wifi? Personally i doubt i will be making calls but it will be helpful to have data as not every place has wifi. i don’t even mind paying for wifi service if it is available, but if it is too complicated, i may not do it and just stick to offline apps.

So, are there good apps for translating French and Spanish? (they need not to translate to Japanese, English is fine ^_^)

Are there any good walking tours app i can follow for Barcelona and Paris? Preferrably with restaurants and shopping recommendations.

How about offline maps? is google map the best?

Any other apps you guys can think of or have used that are very useful when travelling are much welcomed!!!

Thank you very much,


No one uses app???


lol,buy a guide book.

and there aren’t many efficient translation apps on the market yet,there are a lot in development but i haven’t heard of a good one out yet

I used to buy guide books but there are several reasons why i don’t think it’s very efficient:

  1. I have to buy up to date guide books (within 1-2 years), which there are not that many options

  2. I have to carry a big book around which is not very convenient to travel with

  3. I would like apps that integrate with GPS hopefully so i know where i’m at

Went to Europe for a month a couple years ago after undergrad.

We only used WiFi…Only time I needed internet was checking in with family back home - so I just used Skype over WiFi in the hostel/hotel we were at - and looking up directions for our next trip. For directions it takes a little bit of foresight…i.e. e-mailing directions to yourself from google maps and downloading the email before you head out, but it wasn’t too much trouble.

In Barcelona we had very little trouble getting around, and only knew tiny bits of broken Spanish. Paris will be a little more difficult, but easier than the rest of France for sure. I don’t think there’s a great translation app (though I think Google does have one…but I believe you need internet), just be ready to be condemned by every 3rd Frenchie and 5th Spaniard.

Traveloso. You can use the map without wifi/mobile data too, it just uses the GPS. Also trip advisor, but I like traveloso more. Go on walking tours of the cities too, the guides will tell you a lot of things you wouldve never known. Meet people and they’ll tell you where to go. You dont really need internet IMHO, just use wifi at the hotels and coffee shops

Source- just got back from Germany, Czech, and Ibiza yesterday

How was your trip??

is Traveloso an iphone app?


it was sick. Too much to type plus sleazy guy stuff you dont want to know about.

I think they have it the itunes store, google it. Its a separate app for each city.

haha sleasy guy stuff…

glad you had fun!