travel for exam

I have to go to DC from ny on friday. I have to still arrange the transportation (bus, car, taxi, whatever) and place to stay the night. like everything is so perfect I have to deal with that too.

don’t forget that venue for DC is different this year, its Washington Convention Center instead of usual Dulles Expo Center

are you serious?


damn you re right. I was almost getting a hotel room near dulles. thanks dude!!

why would you go from ny to dc for the exam?

After I quit my job I moved to NY, but u cant change test center after 60 days prior to exam

sorry to hear that…what a bs rule

Quit your job and move to the most expensive city in the country. Interesting.

to my girlfriend’s apt :slight_smile:

You know what Peter Olinto would say about that.

I know! :slight_smile: