Travel Reward Credit Cards

Yes, I’ve checked fat wallet. Those guys bicker over tired issues on how to squeeze one more penny in rewards.

What are some good reward credit cards for people who travel and book airfare, hotels, local transportation, meals, and so forth? I’d prefer cards without an annual fee. I also have impeccable credit.

Are you looking for a cash back card (Chase Freedom) or a reward points (like the Sapphire, or Amex charge card) card? That will impact which one you want…

I pay for a vacation each year based on my company’s personal expenses. It’s a good deal.

I have Chase Freedom. I’m looking at a reward type of card to gain a little extra when I’m constantly paying for airfare, hotels, and so forth.

I pretty much only fly American Airlines, so I have a Citi AAdvantage Card. 1 mile per dollar and I get them to waive the fee every year by threatening to cancel.

I have Citi AAdvantage too. Except I pay my fee and probably subsidize this free riding hippy’s as well.

^ How do you think the bankruptcy court will handle the frequent flyer miles?

My understanding is that AMR is the last of the major airline to file in the last couple of years. To my knowledge, someone please correct me if I’m wrong, miles survived in all the other companies’ bankruptcy proceedings.

Thanks Swan. AAA rated AF member in my book and now a subsidiser of my Citi AAdvantage fee. To be honest, I’m not sure why they agree to waive the fee every year. I put a lot on the card ($2 - $3K per month, I consider that to be a lot), but I pay in full every month, so they’re not really making much money off of me.

Disagree. The merchant pays ~3% each swipe. Most people not on AF carry balances which are ~18%. This is a hog of a business. Getting paid on the front and back end. Annual fees should be miniscule in comparison with the above.

Reward Miles are staying intact. I have a Delta Amex that has been pretty good. I live in Atlanta so I can go anywhere on Delta. Mileage points 1:1 on everything and 2:1 on flights. I also get discounted Sky Club memberships and all of that jazz. I stopped using my BofA points card because the rewards are almost non-existent.


Just received an email from American confirming that my miles are safe.

Look into the Starwood AMEX card. It works out really well if you stay in Starwood hotels most of the time.

I’ve heard that too… Reasonable annual fee too, I think its only $40 bucks or so. To the OP, I’d steer clear of the basic Amex charge cards (green and gold). I don’t think they offer enough to make it worthwhile. If you travel a lot and usually fly coach, you could look into the Platinum card. It has a high annual fee, but if you travel enough you can get a lot of use out of the lounge access. There are no foreign transaction fees if you do intl travel. It’s not a card for everybody obviously, but some people can get a lot of good use out of it.

i got the platinum one through my company. It’s a pretty high annual fee, but its good if you have a few employees that travel for you.