Travelling and Studying for CFA Level II - is it possible?

Hi guys,

My first post here. I got my results for Level I and I managed to pass. Now I am thinking of signing up for Level II this June but I had already made plans for travelling as I am changing jobs and I will not be starting my new role until the end of the summer. I will be travelling for the whole month of March and a couple weeks in April.

I really want to take Level II this year as I feel it will be easier having just done Level I and also I would like to try and get it done sooner rather than waiting for another full year. I will have full-time availability to study during February, half of April and the whole of May as I will have no other commitments (no job). Do you think its possible to pass the exam if I start revising in February and then take flash cards/a set of practice papers while I am travelling and re-start my studying during mid-april until the exam day with full time availability?

I am just worried that when I get back from travelling I will not have enough time left? Has anyone travelled while studying before and managed to prepare successfully for the CFA?

Thanks for your help!

Doesn’t sound too bad, assuming your February hours, and final 6 weeks, are intensive.

Apart from all the drawbacks of this, I see two benefits:

  • You’ll start your final ~6 weeks with low stress / a clear mind.
  • You have a chance to internalize (mull over … reflect on … make it real, etc…) conceptual material while you travel, if you keep reivising flash cards and revision notes (even if 30 min a day). It will make you curious about why things are, and you’ll have the mental space to think about that.

Also, assuming you’re motivated, another benefit is that it’s very unlikely you’ll procrastinate. Some people aiming to study 15-20 hours a week till June might drop their intensity. You’ve got a big prize after Feb to justify no procrastination.

Worst case, you get the benefits of travelling and learning most of the material, which would set you up well if you don’t pass. It’s a lot harder to balance study with work.

Also if you, while traveling, will be alone in the hotel room without wife, children and other family members who bother you, it could be rather oportunity than problem to strongly dedicate yourself to studying.

Thanks biuku! I will try and make the most of February and take whatever notes/flash cards I have with me to keep reviewing the material covered.