Treasure department of a big company

Is working for a treasure department after a quantitative finance degree a good idea? What the career path will be like? – become CFO eventually?

You are all over the place. Make a decision and run with it! I recommend that you base your decision on 1) your personality type and 2) what makes you tick. I think an accounting degree in most cases would be more relevant to working in treasury. Unless of course you are in a treasury department like Shell that runs 10s of billions of dollars. They, and many other large companies have investment professionals on staff. But the CFO rout is most likely someone with financial management experience with a CPA/Big Four background (or something like GE FMP).

TREASURE department? this is the first time i have heard of it. and i thought only companies like de beers have lots of treasures-diamonds.

No Hydro, Pirate Ships have treasure departments too.

ask do Mystical Kingdoms and such. But usually they have Dragons and wizards employed there…