Treasurer certifications?

(Sorry if this post is too far off-topic) Do you know of any training or certification programs for corporate treasurers?

Agreed with Storko. I’ve worked in treasury for 10 yrs and CTP is the widely-recognized certification, particularly in the USA.

Thank you! Could you compare the exam difficulty to CFA’s?

It’s a walk in the park compared to the CFA. Check out the AFP website for some detail on the CTP cirriculum - there may even be some sample exam questions on there.

The CTP covers much less material than the CFA and for that reason alone was noticeably easier. There is some overlap with the CFA in derviatives, FSA & in TVM but the focus is on liquidity/cash management. I’d estimate that the CTP took me about 1/3 of the prep time compared to Level I. Hope that helps.

Great. Thanks again storko, Anon, dea.

Might be good to have a CPA/CA as you will most likely be run by accountants…