Treasury Analyst for CFA experience?

I am potentially considering a treasury analyst position focused on corporate debt and liquidity analysis. Do you think this would qualify for the CFA experience requirement, has this worked for anybody?

what’s up swan. i think it would absolutely work… i know a guy who got approved and he had very little input in the investment process… not 100% since i haven’t gone through it myself, but from what i hear, they are not too picky about it. someone correct me if i’m wrong…

I think as long as you are able to tie your duties into an LOS within the curriculum, you should be good.

That sounds like a finance job doing analytics. I don’t see why the heck you would ever think this isn’t a valid job. I don’t think every single person who gets the CFA charter worked at a hedge fund as a portfolio manager, because in that case there would be quite a bit less members. Anyways, sorry for overreacting, but I think that’s a perfectly warranted job. It’s not like you solder chips onto RAM cards that go into trader computers, and then claiming that is relevant.

Cool, thanks guys, I’m printing this thread so I can attach it to my work experience when i turn it in (jk). I’ll be joining the study ranks around January.

what does the treasury analyst do?

Analyze treasure, I believe its a rapidly growing field in Somalia

Black Swan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Analyze treasure, I believe its a rapidly growing > field in Somalia +1