Treasury interest coverage ratio...and can we blow ourselves up?

I’m bored out of my mind writing my performance review and this is what happens when I get bored… :wink: I wonder, what sort of ratio do we get if look at the US treasury using the times interest earned ratio methodology (EBI/Interest payable) and how much does this whole $1 trillion bailout change the ratio? We seem to have this cocky idea here in the US that we are unstoppable, but is that really the case? Was reading how the Government Accountability Office has called the current fiscal path “unsustainable”, given the current path I guess we basically financially implode around 2030. Ouch, does that mean US defaults? Sorry guys, we don’t have it, piss off. Anyhow, the current very unlikely financial events (like AIG almost nuking themselves out of existence using financial weapons of mass destruction…combined with stupidity and cockiness) have me wondering, is it possible we financially nuke the entire nation given a chain of these unlikely events…say massive debt increase continues plus another financial disaster of x10 magnitude (no doubt involving derivatives). Theorize…economists? I read this yesterday. Not too bad. He’s saying it’ll happen through hyperinflation as they print cash to pay their debts… sound familiar?

Holy crap, great minds think alike…wait who is this Kotikoff guy before I compare him to my greatness. Where’s your wikipedia page?

PV gap of receipts vs expenditures is interesting… “Gokhale and Smetters’s (2005) analysis of the country’s fiscal gap, which measures the present value difference between all future government expenditures, including servicing official debt, and all future receipts…The Gokhale and Smetters measure of the fiscal gap is a stunning $65.9 trillion!” Whoh.

Yeah, we better hope an invention more productive and useful than the computer comes around to save us. Save Us Super Inventor Men!!!

That’s really funny you say that…I actually work for the only serious pure play invention company. We call it “invention capital” cause that sounds cool…we invest in invention without any specific product launch in mind, just for inventions sake. I thought is was a really important thing to be doing, inventors used to be important people in this country, but today society sees them as valueless worthless unemployed dreamers. Yet as we all know from L2, technological leaps are the bomb when it comes to driving economic growth…one of those boring econ charts. So there is a gap there and it needs filling. We could totally save the day…and I’ve got stock options!!! :slight_smile: