Treasury operations

Cousin of mine has been offered a couple of roles in back office (not exciting but better than nothing). One is corporate actions and one is treasury. I would assume that treasury gives better exposure to markets as you actually have to hedge fx exposure. My thinking is that this could lead him out of the back office wilderness eventually. Anyone working there care to give me an insight into this job? Or thoughts on exit opps.

A day in the life anyone…?

What type of firm? Brokerage Bank, Custodian ?

Custodian. Though I thought it might be the same wherever you were.

Ah, SSGM ? I would say Treasury for close to the reasons you have listed. Both positions will probably be processing or transactional based, but like you said, Treasury may hold more exposure to markets. Depending on exact position and description, it may hold some exposure to a broader bank cash position strategies and experience. Its fairly interesting, but still not “front office” work. Get in, get some experience, make friends and get out/back to school etc. Unless the job market gets worse, 1-2 years IMO would be a good time frame to not get “stuck”.

treasury as he’ll get exposure to more products. corp actions can lead to mo and possibly sales, but treasury would most likely have more options (risk, corp fin, bsm, maybe even pm down the road).

Is it only placing FX & hedging? Or is there more to that?

Muddahudda Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Is it only placing FX & hedging? Or is there more > to that? i really can’t say without reading the description. its a good place to start because you get to see the bank ops in a pretty large scale and can go in many different directions from there.