Anybody here work for the Treasury department at a bank? What are your daily duties? What sort of skills are normally normally required?


I do, just started… Key component of my job “maintain the banks liquidity position”- aka making sure we don’t end up like Bear Stearns. Borrow money in the morning from brokers, sell money the end of the day if necessary. Eventually I’ll be more involved in the maintenance of the banks portfolio, monitoring bonds, derivatives and deciding what to invest in. Bidding on CD’s for local municipalities. Monitoring interest rate risk and the balance sheet, reporting to the Board of Directors on the ALCO (Asset Liability Management Committee). To be honest it’s great experience depending on what you want to do and where you’re coming from. I graduated from college less than a year ago and eventually I’ll be dealing with the investment bankers that work with our bank. And you get to watch Bloomberg TV all day! For me it was a great intro to the fixed income markets which I didn’t know much about…I still have a lot to learn.

Yup… Liquidity Manager is my position (Borrowings, Securitization, investing surplus funds (LOL…ya right at this time), cash flow forecasting). As you can guess, there’s not alot going on in Securitization right now. Still a few doors open, but most have closed for the time being. Also involved in the asset liability management. We outsource our data modeling then when we get the results back I’ll do what needs to be done from a derivative standpoint (if anything) to tinker with our position. Although we don’t do alot of foreign exchange, we do dibble in trading a little bit. Also involved with the Asset Liability Committee. Putting together the monthly reports, economic analysis, ect. Also responsible for pricing. Setting rates and approving rate exceptions from branches. So when you ask your account manager to get you a better rate, I’m the dick on the other end of line telling them to pound sand. Banking with us is a privilege, not a right :slight_smile: I’ve been in it for 9 years now, and still learning new stuff every day. It’s a steep learning curve Tpain88, but it’s never boring. I’m into a little bit of everything so it’s a good stepping stone to a Treasury Manager position if I were to want to go in that direction in the future.