Trend analysis help

Hi Guys,

I need some help from anyone who is brilliant at using excel(i dont do sexy stuff in excel).I need to come up with a way to predict when we are likely to meet our daily sales target based on the % of interim sales achieved at 2 intervals (10am and 2pm)during the day.So pretty much looking at the days we met our sales target,what was the % of interim sales achieved and from this can we have a trigger point alerting us that we will meet or miss our target.

thanks in advance.

I’d probably analyze it based upon different thresholds of sales and make a percentage of hitting target numbers based on those sales thresholds.

For example, lets say target is 1000. You could make columns for instance that analyze 10am sales at 400 - could be 80% chance 500 - could be 90% chance 600 - could be 95% chance ie. if analyzing 400 threshold, make a formula saying if greater than 400 at 10am data point, 1, if not 0. You’ll get a bunch of 1s in a column representing all the days greater than 400. Put another column that depicts if sales targets were met if threshold was greater than 400, and put a cell at the bottom with (sales target met at 400 threshold / total data points). This cell will say if sales targets are met at 10am 400 threshold. I would link up this 400 cell to the rest of the sheet so you can just change 400 to 500 and see the percent changes. There may be some easier way to do this.

Thanks!.will use this and see how it works out.

Do you work at a particular US bank that has been in the news lately? Seems like something I remember from one of those case reports…