Treynor Black CFAI EOC

What u guys think of TB CFAI EOC? they seem to be way too difficult and out of ths world. i m having diffculty understanding it… Is Schweser reading and EOC enough for TB? and question to retakers… do u remember what was asked in Portfolio Management last year? i dont remember the vintage… i think it was on portfolio concepts… anyone ?

I think, to me it’s not that hard. CFAI will test basic ideas (I would hope)

I’m a retaker, and I don’t remember Treynor-Black showing up on the exam at all. If it was in there, it was superficial and basic. But then, they didn’t have any pension accounting on the exam last year, either. But I wouldn’t expect that to be absent two years in a row.

understand what is happening, but the text on the front page says don’t worry about forula’s

It’s not that it’s incredibly difficult but there are so many different steps and each step has several equations. It took me 40 minutes to work one of the TB EOC questions. It was the only time I had to set my calc out to 6 decimal places.

My thought is to know the basics but skip formula details. Active portfolio - just a few high alpha or negative alpha stocks market portfolio - risk free asset Weights of active based on alpha and unsystematic risk Small number of assets in active portfolio. you can short negative alpha’s. If you are confident in alpha forecasts then use higher weightings, but if you aren’t then ease off the weight. What else should we focus on for basics