Tribute to the magician


I just wanted to thank @S2000magician for all he is doing to help ALL of us to become Cfa holders. I took the L3 in Paris for the third time 2 days ago and I can tell you that : you won’t get the famous CFA designation (I would say especially the level 3) if you want to take shortcuts. I have tried almost all the providers and have, I think, an interesting feedback to give you.

The magician (because he is one) will never answers you to WHATEVER CFA RELATED QUESTION you ask him in more than 2 or 3 sentences to sometimes very strange and unintelligible concepts like the ASW spread where you have to read 70 pages of a very serious study of the former Lehman brother to finish understanding the thing half-way. If you ask the magician the question, "What is this alien thing like ASW??? », don’t be surprised that he not only answers in 30 words maximum but also that you have the AHA moment where you wish he was your father explaining to you from the very beginning that you are going to understand all the complicated things that the earth has created just by listening to him. He knows academic subjects better than anyone but doesn’t bore you with academics. He’s a true professional who has empirical feedback and can adapt to the way your brain works without ever looking down on you or make you feeling stupid. And he will talk like a real expert without using obscure langage. And he does most of this for free… Just imagine when you pay for it…
Thank you @S2000magician for all what you do. In french we say « Chapeau bas Monsieur! ».

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You’re too kind.

I blush.

En anglais aussi.


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Vous ne devriez pas…

Hats off to you!