Trick Question?

This question on the Mock Exam seemed like a trick question when I first read it. If this was an actual question on a previous exam, I bet this question was among those answered the most incorrectly in the exam: Mark Prior works long hours as an investment analyst and is studying for Level 1 of the CFA Examination. He is concerned that he is not adequately prepared for the exam. Desperate to pass, Mark Prior writes several formulas on a small piece of paper which he takes into the examination room. During the exam Mark Prior realizes that he does not need the formulas. Has Mark Prior violated any CFA Institute Standards? A: No B: Yes, with respect to fair dealing. C: Yes, with respect to duty to employer. D: Yes, with respect to responsibilities as a CFA Candidate. The answer/feedback sheet just says: “Candidates must not participate in any conduct which compromises the reputation or integrity of the CFA Examination.” So does that mean the answer is D?

Definitely D!

the answer is D - no cheating or even thinking about cheating on any exams!

yes, should be D. I think I saw that question before as well

Yeah, and if you get this one wrong no matter the rest of your score, you fail! MUWAHAHA!