Tricks on PM

Not sure what these tricks everyone keeps talking about on PM. I’m not sure if I spotted this “trick” but assumed it was normal because i was able to adjust my answer/calculation or completely missed it. However I’m sure I would have spotted atleast 1 trick if it was there for the majority of the test

i think people are just upset when there are two correct answers unless you identify the part of the vignette that tells you which one is right/wrong


Agreed. With the exception of Ethics, I thought PM was relatively straightforward. There are a couple that stick out where verbiage made clear what they were looking for but you had to read for detail. Overall, the difficulty seemed in-line with topic tests IMO.

For some questions which I made educated guess (with 80% confidence)

I only found that I get those wrong after check with the curriculum, and those are in very detail levels and don’t find that often present in the mocks.

That is why I call it tricky.

for me, i think the ‘tricks’ were due to me not reading exactly what the question asked for whereas I might have quickly read the question and said ‘ah they’re asking for x’ when in fact the question needs to you work out ‘x’ but is after ‘y’ in the same solution.

I could tell this time round on my 3rd attempt that I probably didn’t do in the first 2. So yeh, knowing your material really well is one part but the other is to read the questions carefully and knowing which answer they are really after.

Yea, I don’t totally understand the ‘tricks’ sentiment. If they mean that they usually ask ‘a, b, c’ parts of a certain question type and usually ask ‘b’ and on exam they asked ‘c,’ then yes. I agree that they tested different parts of the same LOS. For example, if they usually ask for pre-tax return required for IPS question and on actual exam they asked for post-tax, non-inflation adjusted returns. It’s a little different but the same taught material.