They’re for kids…Errr, no they are for grown men that can’t get laid…Let’s stop labeling questions as tricks


A trick is something a whore does for money…or candy!

^ hahaha

hidden traps, curveballs, blablabla

I don’t get how people think high vs low or advantage vs disadvantage is a trick… Its in the question…

Got your back

How many people have nightmares about getting current vs original prices and advantages/disadvantages mixed up?

Are people labbeling when they give you E0 instead of E1 in the Fed model a trick? How tricky are we talking?

You guys hit the nail right on the head. Along with other reasonable conceptual items

If you read the questions in full your results will be fair. It’s just tough in a time crunch. Mocks definently help you take notice of certain tricks in wording. It helped me slow down and make sure I read word for word

Something I consider a trick is when they list an answer that could be arrived at by making a simple mistake. An example would be not taking the square root on an equation that calls for it. By them listing fake answers that could reasonably arrived at that is trickery. I get a lot of questions wrong just because I forget a step on a calc. By not tricking me into an answer I could keep messing with the formula and perhaps eventually come to an answer. I’ve done it that way alot.