Tricky Ethics Q

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I’d say A. The analyst violated, the supervisor did not as long as his signature is not on the report.

I agree w/ A

A is correct. The first time that I read the question I had tought it was B since James has duties as a supervisor. He is still in violation of the standards, but not for misrepresentation. Guess I just “overthought” another one…

If you want a list of violations, here it is: James is in violation of his responsibilities as supervisor, Jones (as a bonus) is violating the conflict of interest if she did not disclose, in the report, the material ownership of James’ supervisor in the stock, and the James’ compensation tied with analysts’ commissions. But that’s beyound the scope of this question.

I would have said B too, b/c Misrepresentation includes “other professional activities” which includes, I would think, making bad recommendations as a supervisor.

LOL map. You need a job in compliance.

I think that’s strictly investment recommendations though.

I need a job, “.” :slight_smile: amberpower Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > LOL map. You need a job in compliance.

Wouldn’t the supervisor also be involved in the misrepresentation if he was the one who told the analyst to do that and he was overseeing it happen? Guess I don’t see the clear line between the two. That is the problem with ethics, no clear right/wrong in many cases…

I think the questions will be better worded and more definite on the exam. But it’s good to do these to find the itsy bitsy issues so the real ones are easier. I got an 80% on both mocks and I haven’t opened the book since January on this stuff…just reading the Qs on here. I am now going through the actual language this week.