Trim Tabs Investment

Have you heard about this firm? How is it?

I know this trader who used to trade on data from them regarding cash on the sidelines by mutual funds… That’s all i know. He said he did ok doing that but who knows.

My firm subscribes to their research and in my opinion it is not worth the electricity required to email it to me. Their research is focused on mutual funds and ETFs. They basically track the money flows into and out of the various investment vehicles. The data comes on a 1-day lag, so today I will find out whatever happened on Friday. Traders use this information as a coincident indicator to help make sense of the action in the market. This information used to be very valuable back when the mutual fund industry dominated the flow of money into or out of the market, but my sense is that the funds have less clout today. If Jim Simons decides to reduce his leverage from 5x to 3x, the impact of his selling/covering will far outstrip that of Fidelity taking in a few hundred million dollars. If you are looking at them for a job opportunity, I would imagine you would play a part in this tracking, perhaps following up with the mutual fund companies to determine their fund flows. If your handle, AssetMgrWannabe, accurately describes your career goals, I can’t imagine that this type of role would help in any way.