Triple Crown (CFA+FRM+CAIA)

How many of us triple-charterholders do you suppose there are in the world?

500? 1000? 2000?

Growing yearly. I still reckon that 500 is quite probably about right.

i would guess less than 50 really… and half of those are on this fourm :stuck_out_tongue:

considering there are only ~6000 CAIA… and maybe 10%-20% of those have the CFA… the FRM is almost a different field… 50 sounds about right

how about the CPA?

What I’d like to know is what kind of jobs you are in because these are three different qualifications with a bit of overlap.


I agree that the qualifications are different but the investment universe is interlinked. One may not need the qualifications but if you want to understand the things that are going on around you in different areas of the business they are helpful. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king! I prefer to be in a situation where people aren’t able to pull the wool over my eyes.

I can’t agree more with you Millview! 1. They all shed a light on different aspects of the business, yet obviously there are overlaps. I, personally, feel much more confident at work, even if I do not use every single piece of the study material(s) on a daily basis. 2. In these days it’s better to diversify a bit in terms of skills too and not to keep all eggs in one basket ;).

OK, I see there is an overlap and it has value to do these qualifications but my question remains unanswered. I was just interested in what kind of job you are in.

Wow. .Wendy and Millview… thats amazing, having a triple charter is truly commendable. Hats off to your hardwork and dedication. It just sets you apart from the rest. However, as R Cash pointed out, I would also like to know what kind of job profiles you are in.

Most will be in investment analysis or portfolio management wirth a few more in risk managment.

Sorry for the vote on 50 but I’d looked at this on LinkedIn just by doing a surname search for CFA, FRM, CAIA and today that pulled 138 results. Course, that includes some quadruple or higher crown guys.

Personally I hope to complete my triple next year and I was a Hedge Fund Analyst for 4 years now working on the risk side in Private Banking.

4 years in Hedge fund Analysis. That sounds great, plus a triple charter. How old are you guys who have a triple charter, are you in the middle of your career or something. Just curious.

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Wendy Doesn’t maintaining (membership fees etc) become frightfully costly ? Btw: Curious - how much is the annual cost?

FRM does not require membership of GARP to use the charter, so free. Although $150 if you want to remain a member of GARP or partcipate in CPE

CFA dues are $275 plus optional local society dues (probably in the region of $200 - $250)

CAIA dues are $350 probably the worst value for money

Personally I also pay dues to the Chartered Institute for Sercurites and Investment in the UK, so my bill comes out to a bit over $1,000 a year. Charged direct to my employer.

Honestly if your employer is not paying, your working for the wrong people or in the wrong profession. To be able to use your charter you have to pay dues, so the charter is relevant to your role ro part of your professional development your employer should pay.

2 of 3 + MBA here

Monito have you opted for membership of CFA even though you are showing a L2 candidate? I like your analysis that if the Employer is not paying, then one is in the wrong job - very honest, very direct, very true. Thanks.

I’m applying for CFA institute membership on the (possible optimistic) hope that I passed L2 and will pass L3 next year which would, I’m assuming mean I get my cahrter at the same time I get my congratulatory L3 mail.

Yes, mid career. Managing a hedge fund now although have been in real money and investement banking previously. The reason I did them was to give me some discipline and to ensure I kept up to date with current thinking. My other half also has the three so there is a bit of competition going on between us there.

As to the expense, your employer will usually pick up the tab for the charter most closely associated with your sphere of expertise - especially if they require you to do the exams in the first place which seems to be the norm now so that keeps the cost down and you do get the various periodicals that the institutes send out which can have some decent articles in them. In a lot of cases employers will pick up the cost of all professional fees. There is a lot of discretion on these things and if you think at how small the cost really is it isn’t a big deal for a big employer as this is often tax deductable in many jurisdictions.

A CAIA level 2 to go before I become triple crown.

Just wondering if one is not contended with being a triple crown, what is the fourth designation to go for logically?

Anyway this guy has a long name.

Anil Kumar CFP CFA FRM CPA CAIA MBA PhD. Really???

Issn’t it the first one?

Ha, he was a trader at LTCM

and look at the window bottom right where Viewers of this profile also viewed… mainly triple corwn or better