Everything I want to say is here:

Trolling isn’t a major problem, but the last few weeks should have taught us all a lesson. Stop the trolls before they get out of hand. Yes, this rule would be very subjective, but so are many of your other rules. If someone never adds anything of value and all their posts are either flaming someone or otherwise inflammatory they should be banned.

Also, having duplicate accounts should be bannable. It’s clear inky argues with himself until other people start joining in and then he’s created a dumpster fire.

Thanks for the feedback. This is a tricky issue since the water cooler receives more tolerance than other forums. We called out the offending users and their behavior has changed for the better since then. We probably should have acted sooner but we do have a process of communicating these issues with the board and that takes some time. We will try to move faster next time.

A look at isildurr’s recent posts would be worthwhile. I am strongly in favor of more regulation as opposed to less.

i nominate STL head troll hunter

I removed a bunch of troll-ish threads last night. It seems that there was only one truly excessive case and that has calmed down.

The threads were more stupid and childish, and are easy enough to ignore if one doesn’t care. They don’t compare in grossness with AF classics like NoFap and PowerOfOneness. They did seem to come in sufficient quantity to drown out other discussions, though, which is why I deleted them.

Thank you!

What’s going on in the Water Cooler lately? Cess pool of crap. I barely visit anymore because wading through broken english troll posts is a waste of time. Apumapu in particular.

How’s that going?

Not in the water cooler but in the CFA L2 forum, this “ext” guy is clearly a troll, no?

I try to look at all (well, most of) the threads to identify trolls, spammers, profanity, and whatnot.

Sometimes I miss one.


STL has my vote to be Chief Troll Terminator.

This is pathetic. How does it take so long to ban someone like Hippo? At least that Kuro-whatever person had a few legit posts in the L1 forum (I guess. I don’t go there too often). Hippo is an obvious troll and he’s spamming the WC.

Something has to change with the way the mods actually moderate. bchad is paralized by parliamentary procedure, itera only deletes posts that offend him directly, numi doesn’t do anything, and S2000 is the most active but still won’t do what’s necessary to clean this place up.

Jesus people, it’s not that hard to figure out. Why is it every Monday there’s some new Indian (presumably) that’s spammed the WC (not sure about the other boards) with such obvious troll-bait? Why is it so crystal clear to me and not you that it’s the same person?

Screw the Blake Ratio (patent still pending). People like Grexit, xray, and hippo (probably all the same person) should be banned immediately and without prejudice. I’ve waited all day to see how long Hippo would get away with it, and - unfortunately - not to my surprise he continues to fill the board up with useless shit.

I understand the need to meet if you want to ban someone like purealpha (a much better troll), CvM, or even me when I get out of line. Whatever. But if someone has less than 15 AF points and everyone already hates him, why wait?

I renew my call to promote me to wield the banhammer. We can sort out the rules later but, in essense, I’d stick to the WC and only ban people that appear out of nowhere and start trolling/spamming. I wouldn’t ban people for breaking Rule #1 (especially since approximately 72% of my posts do). No, I’d only crush the trolls that pop up.

Unless you guys (admin and mods) have a better idea and can implement it quickly, you’re going to lose the WC completely. I know AF is much bigger than the WC but there are a lot of us that have spent years on here, have made connections with people through the casual conversations the WC can provide, and it’s unfair to us to see it being ruined and nothing being done about it.

tl;dr - I’m pissed. Keep the obvious trolls out of the WC either by encouraging mods to act more autonomously, promote someone who will, and/or implement a voting system so we can downvote the trolls into obvlivion. Just do something.

That’s my feedback.

troof, my idea is gaining steam



Why is numi a mod if he doesn’t post?

Man, I missed that one.

I’m ready to write AF off as a back office IT forum.

Please let STL wield the banhammer, iron boot, whatever you want to call it. Let him play whack-a-moletroll.

mod nuked iteracom thread as well as biggest troll thread. you should be ashamed doing this while letting bs troll thread stay up and turn into s***.


this actually sounds like a really good idea STL has my vote — I know he gets pissed about troll trash smeared over the site and if he is seeing it and brewing over it, he might as well nuke some threads