Trouble accessing Mock exams and Practice Tests in Candidate Resources on Mobile Devices

Hey Guys

Is anyone having issues getting into CFA’s Mock exams & Practice Tests section in Candidate Resources? I can’t seem to ever be able to access it especially from my iPad (which is what I study on).

Are you guys practicing already? Damn lol


The early bird gets the worm :slight_smile:

You do know the CFAI website and technology is in the stone age. Their site goes down when a few hundred access it… it has problems with chrome, and is not mobile friendly.



Lol absolutely! It’s my first time taking it and I’m not familiar with the material. Want to give myself the best chance possible and also don’t want to feel rushed if I start much later

True…fair point! It’s so frustrating trying to access it. I’ll stick to viewing it on my computer because it tends to work better than on the iPad or phone.