Troubles with AM section in Schweser

I am having difficulty answering directly to the question. I know the concept cold, but it is very hard to come up with a single “incorrect” reason as there is just so many possibilities and i could never get it straight to the point :-/ just wanted to went

^ I hope you mean Vent :slight_smile:

yes, vent :-/ I dont know what to do about it :-/ i will count on PM section to carry me i guess

This is the whole trick with L3. You have no idea what the want to see in the essay section. Just look at the scores from last year. Even those who passed did poorly in the morning.

I agree, though I find some of the answers are oddly simple, for example forming the return objective for the IPS, I bet you would get some credit if you just put “generate return to cover living expenses while preserving the real value of assets” for everything question.