Trump a "liar" but not a "liar-liar"

“Yes, the President it speaking mistruths, yes the president is lying but he is doing it intentionally to incite certain people which would include left-leaning journalists and most of the left leaning politicians,”

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Interesting. Scaramucci speaks very well in that video.

Times have changed since George Washington and the cherry tree, huh. Or the concept of truth, justice, and the American way.

I guess ideals are made to be broken.

What is the “American way”? Wanton oppression and slaughter to advance the interests of a small ruling class?

Seems like the machine is chugging along unabated, like it always has. Trump has just taken off the mask.

Main difference is he says objectively false things that are provably false at the time he says them. Most politicians make promises they don’t deliver. Trump says the sky is green.

Trump might be simultaneously the most and least honest President in recent history. On one hand, he has no problem with lying straight to peoples’ faces and making up outlandish facts for barely any reason. On the other hand, he is following through with, or making a serious effort to implement all his campaign promises, no matter the potential damage. What other politician has resisted the pull to the center, like Trump has? So, he lies on countless small things, but is somehow completely honest on big things.

lol i wonder. who would you prefer?

a person who accepts his gay son but is against gay marriage!

or a person who rejects his gay son, but is for gay marriage!

Is he following through on all his campaign promises? I feel like that’s true maybe for foreign policy where he clearly takes a big interest. He wants to be seen as a nationalist ‘strongman’ in the mold of Putin, Erdogan etc. So he is willing to bump heads, pull out of the Paris climate treaty, kill the Iran nuclear deal even though all parties (including the US!) say that Iran is complying, tariffs thrown around like confetti etc.

On domestic policy, he hasn’t followed through at all. He’s basically just let the republican party establishment do whatever they want.

He talked a lot about helping the average working family on the campaign trail. Instead oversaw tax breaks that went 99% to the wealthiest 10% (~95% to the top 1%). Very little trickling down to the average worker.

Trump talked a lot about infrastructure also. Has done very very little there. Would be an easy win too as big majority wants to see more investment there.

He said he would be a friend to the LGBT community and do more for them than Hillary but he has been a disaster for gay rights. He basically follows Mike Pence’s lead and that guy is stuck in a 1950s timewarp.

Ok, you’d have to be an idiot to believe that Trump cares about gay rights or any human rights really, but he did campaign with that message.

Trump promises:

  1. Grow the economy by 4 percent a year. Fail.

  2. Stop the AT&T Time Warner Merger . Fail.

  3. Raise tariffs on goods imported into the U.S. Pass.

  4. Suspend immigration from terror-prone places. Pass.

  5. Not take vacations. Fail.

  6. Enact term limits. Fail.

  7. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton. Fail.

  8. Invest $550 billion in infrastructure and create an infrastructure fund. Fail.

  9. Defund Planned Parenthood. Fail.

  10. Declare China a currency manipulator. Fail.

he got tax cuts!

Yeah, when you really boil it down, he ran on three things: tax cuts, higher stock market due to deregulation, and lower unemployment. Those last two may have been achieved despite him, but he has actually delivered on his main goals. And we’ll never hear the end of it come election time.

S&P 500 is negative YTD.

How’s it doing since inauguration?

People ignore the fact that US manufacturing has run hot since his election. Tariffs have been huge for domestic metals which have all expanded capacity after years of cuts. These things don’t happen overnight but it is improving, then you got NAFTA renegotiation, KORUS renegotiation, Tariffs, ISIS is done, tough on Iran, guy’s been busy winning.

Domestically he did Tax cuts, deregulation and pulled back the parts he could of ACA, also took tough stance on immigration. Basically did what he said. GDP growth is much stronger than it was when he took over and the areas he failed mostly involved required congressional cooperation.

Little snowflakes filling their diap over President Winning.

Suck on that, losers. USA.

Up 15% on price, which on an annualized basis is average. Obama was up 210% on price, which is a higher annualized return. So, Trump is not delivering “higher” market returns…because he is volatile and the market hates that :-1:

lol do people honestly believe that presidents are what affect the markets?

It’s not a relative game. The market is up since he was elected. That’s what he’ll be talking about. It’s not a complicated concept.