TruMp and Melania test positive for COVID-19

Next debate via Zoom?

Lol. I can’t believe that moved the market. It’s like all of a sudden covid matters? I thought we were already pricing in Biden anyways.

Investors… I swear.

Lol how ironic. I think they got it from hope hicks. He’s in his 70s. So if I recall correctly, he has a 10 to 20 percent chance of dying. Say he dies does Biden automatically win.

Are you a charterholder, or is this your 6th shot at L2?

There are two other candidates plus write-ins. However slim their chances may be, the election must go on.

lol l2 was unfortunately 1 and done for me. i was going to quit had i failed. but alas i passed and wasted a couple more years of my life in l3!
besides being a charterholder has nothing to with what happens with the republican party, when their main candidate, a sitting president, dies.

True; however, I would think most people would consider a charterholder to have a modicum of sensibility.

curiosity as to what will happen is not a negative trait.

coincidentally nobody knows. but the best bet is.
election continues. and they will try to see if they can change the name to something else.
“While things are not certain, what’s most likely (is) that the election would take place on time with the deceased or incapacitated candidate’s name on the ballot, and then there would be a question if legislatures would allow presidential electors of each state to vote for someone other than the deceased candidate,” Hasen said.

■■■■ me running…

You’re right, curiosity is a good trait to have.

Now we’ll see if Donald is really a beta who lets some petty made-in-china virus make him sick

im sure he’ll prove he isnt just some fat old statistics. his alphaness will save him.

I’m pretty sure Biden would win, though not automatically. If Biden gets it from the debate and passes away, Keifer Sutherland becomes president.

Thots and prayers