Trump & Biden: Debate #1

I agree. I was just arguing against subjective argumentation.

Is white supremacy and white violence particularly any more vile or “condemnable” than BLM or Antifa?

More importantly—why didn’t they just mute Trump or cut off his mike?

all protestors are the same in my book: anarchists, agitators, and extremists standing in the way of economic progress. lock them all up and send them to mexico.

I think white supremacists - organized under a name or not - represent a much graver danger to the United States than BLM or any number of people who are concerned about the rise of fascism. And I’d guess that many of these white supremacists are heavily armed. I’m worried that there will be a lot of violence in the next few months.

About Trump’s mike… supposedly he’s an adult.

My wife asked the same question.

Objection: assumes facts not in evidence.

You’re a Democrat who hates Republicans. Of course you think that. But you don’t put forth any reasoning behind your logic.

In my experience, the ones who are looting and rioting and arsoning are all left-wing protestors. I don’t hear about right-wing terrorists.

greenies cousin LMAO

lol its kind of funny. about a ■■■■ ton of people abotu to be unemployed in october. and it felt like trump was talking about how successful the recovery has been. airline industry begging for more money. dont understand why they are getting bailout, what about hotels, restaurants, retailers, etc.

nerdy hows the wife, was telmundo on? they went 2-1 Trump :scream_cat:

shes doing great. i just gave her a summary when i got home. my parents made me watch with them. coincidentally, she was wondering how much would we charge her brother if he were to move in. she thought that $450 would be too much, the going rate for a room is prolly 1300. i told her that im not abotu to subsidize his life so that he can waste his savings with his gf. the guy bought a 5k 2008 honda civic. he had to go to riverside to pick it up. a tad reckless for my taste.

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Take her brother in so you can make up for missing out on that march dip!

So DJT is looking to recruit “Poll Watchers” and what is he calling it? Army For Trump. Check out the website, it clearly uses his base’s fetishization of the military and instead of “Sign Up” it says ENLIST.

more of a headache tbh. dont care much abotu the money. i just dont like helping people that dont add value to me.

I mean, Trump and Biden are both so great is the problem.

Greenie, the white supremacists are more like the Mob than Antifa. Highly organized gangs involved in criminal activity. I think any objective person would conclude they are a bigger problem. But the media doesn’t cover things based on the objective reality.

But I think antifa deserves attention because they are not taboo like white supremist groups, so I think their risk of growth is much larger

I suspect the mic cut off thing is simple - that would have to be agreed to by the campaigns and I can’t imagine the Trump campaign agreeing to that. You’ll have people accusing the mic being partisan in who is allowed to speak and not speak

before the debate, I grabbed dinner with a hispanic family that was huge trump supporters. I thought that convo was hilarious

Huh. Living in west Texas, did you hear about this?