TRUMP suing MAHER after "bet"

Has to suck to be Trumps lawyer…

Last month, Maher said on NBC to Jay Leno that he would pay $5 million to Trump’s charity of choice if he provided a birth certificate proving that he’s not “spawn of his mother having sex with orangutan.”

Trump’s attorney Scott S. Balber released a letter following Maher’s comments and attached a copy of Trump’s birth certificate.

“Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. Trump’s birth certificate, demonstrating that he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan,” Balber wrote in the letter.

Trumps lawyer is probably killing it. Supposedly donald is going to sue Rapper Mac Miller. Plus his company has been bankrupt 3 or 4 times.

hell, he might sue me this post

Trump’s lawyer is probably a douche like Trump. They probably live for this sort of thing.

Trumps a Chump.

Love trump he is one of my favorite real life trolls. His feud with Rosie ODonnell was pure gold.

Bill Maher is a complete d*uche nozzle.

That first sentence has libel lawsuit written all over it.

No suprise there… the similarities are through the roof.

Can’t say I’m a big Trump guy, but I can’t stand Maher so I’m all for this :smiley:

Maher does deserve credit though for the following line:

Rick Santorum ‘Thinks Life Begins At Erection’