Trump Tax Plan May Free Up Corporate Dollars, but Then What

The corporate tax cuts will go to executive bonus. Duh!

The tax overhaul promised by President Trump and Republican congressionalleadersis lugging a remarkably heavy load. The goal is not only to reduce the tax bills of corporations and small businesses, but also to stimulate investment, create jobs, increase global competitiveness and promote economic growth.

Whatever the intentions, though, pushing the world’s largest and most diversified economy in any particular direction is a colossal undertaking. In addition, there is a large and sophisticated tax avoidance industry dedicated to frustrating the most carefully worded proposals.

And as Mr. Trump prepares to outline his corporate tax overhaul ideas in a speech on Wednesday in Springfield, Mo., economists and tax experts warn that the path is likely to be treacherous.

Consider the tantalizing $2.6 trillion in global profits that American companies are keeping out of their home accounts and out of the Internal Revenue Service’s reach.

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mb the govt should required companies to reinvest the tax savings or at least a certain %, or repay shareholders via dividends/buybacks

think thats all they were planning on doing with the cash and precisely what we DONT want. Efficient markets blah blah itll just be horded by the .001%. Has to come with strings attached

The atush story just gets stranger and stranger.

This whole stashing biz is interesting, makes me wonder what hapens with all that money. Huff po (fake news) says theres up to 32 billion being stashed by various rich people/corporations.

We already know what is going to happen; corporate tax cuts, increased corporate profits, those profits will float up into global investment markets and never come back down. It’s been 50yrs of “trickle down” logic…

^will that lead to more jobs in investment management and lending?

^ Definitely more dividends, buybacks, and bonuses for the fat cats. Not sure if investment industry would get more volume and need or jobs? I would think it would just be a shift in CAPM, and a surge in valuations.