Trump Vetos Bill to End US Support for Saudi War in Yemen

“This resolution is an unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities, endangering the lives of American citizens and brave service members, both today and in the future,” Trump wrote to the Senate Thursday.

It was just the second veto of Trump’s presidency and Congress lacks the votes to override him.

Both houses of Congress had invoked the War Powers Resolution of 1973 in a bid to end American involvement in the conflict, which has raged in the Middle Eastern country since 2015.

Congress has shown signs of uneasiness with Trump’s close relationship with Saudi Arabia as he tries to isolate Iran, a regional rival. Many lawmakers also criticized the president for not condemning Saudi Arabia for the killing of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi, who had been critical of the kingdom.

the enemy of my enemy is my friend. but what if both are enemies? then are they both my friends?

I wonder where all of the Conservatives have gone. Seems to me they’d oppose presidential overreach, unnecessary intervention, and bombing civilians. But rules no longer exist until a dem is president.

Not a “conservative”, but the US is not actively involved in combat in Yemen only support roles, this was a political move to stop “supporting” the war in Yemen and it’s not Presidential overreach, it’s Congressional overreach. As usual, just more posturing. Since when has anybody in the US on either side been against the actions your describing? Bombing civilians? Finally something Dem’s and Conservatives seem to be united behind based on the last 20 years. Obama signed the largest weapons deal in history with the Saudi’s those are our bombs, everyone knew who they were and for decades we cozied up to them and I’ve been rambling about how terrible they are for probably 8 years on here. Nobody cares apparently and now the Dems after years of servicing the Saudis under the table with a napkin want to pretend they suddenly have a conscience?

Let me refer you to the same basic premise from the Uncle Joe is a Pedo thread:

“That’s all this manufactured outrage amounts to anymore is people transparently pretending to be on some moral high ground when it conveniently suits their POV. Then they can’t figure out why nobody’s listening.”

Got it, so Saudi has been bad for a long time, but nobody cared, so it makes sense to veto a bill disengaging from the Saudi-Yemen war…why?

Great veto Mr. President!

Yeah – Obama also supported the Saudis and should be criticized for it. If HRC was president she’d be doing the same thing, and I’d be criticizing her for it too. I’m against unnecessary foreign intervention. Bernie’s one of the chief sponsors, i’m guessing he’s been consistent about it too.

You say that it’s congressional overreach, but why? Seems to me that Congress should hold the power.

Just because Clinton/Bush/Obama/Trump are fine with war crimes doesn’t mean it’s morally just.

yep. lol i agree. we really shouldnt be sticking our nose in this. american isolationism is what made this america great. let them kill themselves. we got mother fracking oil already and elon will prolly create solar batts pretty soon.

Because obviously the current administration feels they provide stability to the region. I don’t share that view, I’m simply saying all of this manufactured outrage because now it’s Trump is annoying. I was annoyed for the past 20 years by our involvement and I’ll still be annoyed and it is just a continuation of bad policy, but these people suddenly plugging their noses and pretending to be mad are just the same culprits feigning outrage because it fits their political interests. And make no mistake, when Trump is gone and we have a Dem and the Saudis come knocking, they’ll pull down their pants and bend over the way every other US leader has. Now that’s an outrage, but I’m not stupid enough to fall for the idea that suddenly anything is different.

Oh, I agree and have always been vocal about us not being involved. I just don’t agree with these never ending false pretense of outrage that gets cooked up. I don’t think anything has meaningfully changed in that relationship and the next Dem will step right back in line with the rest of the leaders on both parties.

Americans voted for: less global hegemonic warmongering, and less corporatism including fake news.

They got: a continuation of all existing wars plus a restarting of the Cold War, corporate tax cuts, and more corporate media M&A. Still can’t even get a relatively cheap wall.

Democracy; winning!!

Sanders Gabbard 2020


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