Trump withdraws from TPP

Where is Elizabeth Warren announcing praise for him for fulfilling this campaign promise?

Where’s the outrage from the free market republicans?

^ According to the 20 seconds I saw on TV, he indicated that he will negotiate with each country individually.


It must be pretty confusing these days for people who blindly follow one side.

So much is being redefined it seems.

We like trade, but only if it is fair. No more bad trade deals, America first!

You’re right - the Republicans should be mad. Thing is, I don’t really care that much about those guys at this point. Their balls have already been chopped off. The Republican party as we recognized it no longer exists. Most of my satisfaction lately has been derived from the deconstruction of liberal hypocrisy, which I considered to be a betrayal of my political class (I would otherwise naturally be much more liberal), and this notion of moral superiority, which cost the Democrats the election and yet, which they still cannot acknowledge. It’s time to be less divisive and more open to common interests. You should support something that aligns with your beliefs, even if it comes from across the aisle. I’d rather align with a distasteful individual with a flawed ideology, but who has actionable ideas on other policies that I can agree with, rather than a stagnated system whose members are more interested in obstruction and obfuscation than improvement.

everyone can agree on this right?

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^So long as he legalizes drugs, sure.

Based on my recollection from when I was reading about this as it happened, I’m not so sure it’s really about free market. These free trade deals aren’t what I think most have in mind when they talk about free trade


+1 ill go from 0-100 real quick on trump if he does this

Best thing ever happened.

So I assume that means before any financial firms receive bailout money their employees would have to be drug tested? Or does he just mean non-white people receiving govt benefits? Dog whistle if ive ever seen one.

Didnt some state do this? And the amount they saved from people that failed the drug tests was less than the cost to do the drug tests. Fiscal responsibility at its finest.

  • zero people tested positive

  • a few in there. Great ROI on these bad boys

and again, im not against them in theory but they cost money. You cant claim fiscal responsibility (not that trump has, but conservatives in general) and look at pissing away all this money and not look at what you are getting back.

Fantastic, this is the “withdrawal into their turtle shell, Asia unites without them” scenario. Which is inevitable, but this speeds it. Also, South Korea needs to become Asia again, those idiots are still misaligned, get on the winning side please.

China is advocating for a 16-nation pact called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership that excludes the United States and lacks some of the environmental and labor protections Obama negotiated into the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Xi and other Chinese leaders are also looking to fill the U.S. leadership vacuum, taking advantage of Trump’s protectionism to boost ties with traditional U.S. allies like the Philippines and Malaysia.

Trump’s Withdrawal From Asia Trade Deal Viewed as Boon for China

You do realize that largest group of government benefits recipients is white people, right?

Stupid move. So much misinformation from the left and right on TPP. What a shame.

“buy american, hire (latin) american”

Obviously, but he clearly wants to gear something like this to the Reagan “welfare queen” which was certainly based on race. Again, in theory id have no issue with this. Based on data from states its a waste of money

alternative facts or nah?