Trump's Wasteful Spending

Paying for Trump’s family to live in NYC costs $187m per year. Not enough rooms in the White House?

Trump’s trips to Florida have cost $10m in the first month. Obama travel cost $97m over eight years. Gotta love paying for a billionaire’s weekly vacations :-1:


Have to spend money to make money.

Says the protestors that just spent $6M on “I’m with Her” protest signs.

oh so the $187 mil/ yr is $500k/day security cost is it …

so we are spending $500k/day for Americans to be gainfully employed …

Sh!t, I have to fly to West Palm next week. Better check POTUS’s schedule.

What about the security detail so that jewboy kuschner can get his morning runs in

I don’t have a problem with the costs associated with NYC as long as Melania and Barron move to the WH once school is over, but the weekly trips to FL are excessive.

How much did those green ties cost? Or Paul Ryan’s appalling pint of Guinness!?

6 rounds of golf in 1 month, not bad

He’s no Ike.

On the one hand, 187m/year is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and the secret service budget is something like 8 times that much, so this isn’t the most enormous increase, and the secret service has always protected the properties of the president. If he could figure some shit out and get an extra 1% in growth, or decrease wasteful spending in some areas, it could be well worth it.

On the other hand, it really bothers me that trump is being so easy with taxpayer money, and I’m not surprised at all that he would be. I get the impression that he’s going to try to wring the american people dry of as much money as he can get from them during his time in office. And I don’t see him as being wise enough, or with the proclivity, or as having the necessary conditions and tools, to substantially better the country.


Stop trying so hard to “find something”.