"Trying to make it work, but man these times are hard..."

I like that song. Anyway, just wondering:

1.) How many hours of sleep are yall averaging these days?

2.) If you had to choose between Mocks+Qbank OR BB+EOCs over the next two weeks, which would you choose & why? Or stated differently, what is ONE item that you are absolutely going to focus on over the next two weeks?

Mocks + (re-reading snippets of schwer + BB + EOC in weak areas only).

Re-read, re-read, re-read my own notes

QBank: only for ethics

I’ve got like 7 or 8 mocks left to do, so I think I’ve got enough questions just there to keep me busy. With every mock I add to my notes for things that I missed and should know.

Clevercfa im pretty much doing the same

When the going gets tough the tough get going yes

how’s things going for you btw CFAFatso? How you been doing on Mocks?

Hard times mate …but remember, it’s just few inches between a pass and a fail, we’ve got to bleed for those inches man.

There’s nothing more painful than going through all these again on the same level.

Bloodline i am not sure about my performance. I have scored average of 70% in CFA 2009-2012 mocks

Is it a decent performance to come in top 40% percentile ?

I think it’s hard to tell with the level 2 Vicky. The way questions are tested on the level 2 blows my mind. I think an average score of 70% should give you every confidence you need, but i’d recommend that the scores are not to be dwelled on. Given the amount of mocks you’ve done, you are probably better to spend the next few days filling the gaps on the 30% you tend to miss on the average.

Yeah i am now revising from CFA book to raise 5% more

guys, I’m after more mock papers - Vicky, do you have more than just the 2012 past papers? Would love you forever if you could send more to me!! (instageeg@gmail.com) !!

any good past papers would do but hoping more for the official CFA ones of course…

Vicky, I wouldn’t be relaxing if I were you. I wouldn’t be unhappy with those scores, but a couple of tricky subject could throw you under the bus. Keep fighting.

btw - what kind of scores did you get on Schweser mocks. I’m curious to know how 70% CFAI translates to schweser since these are the only ones I’ve done.

download from www.vividbook.net

i dont give scseer mocks

Yeah i have read whole book of FI+ Corp finace in last 3 days to get to know missing points

Will read ethics soon.

My plan in last 15 days is to get atleast 1 marks extra in each of the top 6-7 heavyweight subjects by reading CFA books etc. Thats the diff between a pass and a fail

I’m just hanging in there - somedays I’m sure I’m not making it past a band 10 and will be stuck with this for another year and then some days, I recall HOW MUCH time and effort and sacrifices I’ve put into this and how it really is possible. The latter sense of confidence is quickly destroyed by my performance in practice ?'s (mocks, qbanks, etc) even after I spend time revising and such.

I’m just trying to figure out what I have to nail in the next two weeks…I have wayy too much to do and know I can’t cover it all so I just want to concentrate on nailing 2 things rather than focus on 10 (which has been the strategy past few weeks and def unsuccessful!). Also, unlike last year for L1, work is busy as I’ve been staffed on a new project, so trying to juggle to have enough energy, concentration and motivation to study afterwards is a pain. But I know come June 2nd, I’ll regret sleeping the extra hour or not studying during another lunch, but body is just not cooperating…:frowning:

I can’t access this site - anyone else having a problem?

Yeah it’s opening fine but I think downloading would be a violation of copyright. All of it seems to be pirated.