Trying to make the early reg deadline - please help

Hello, I just signed up on the AnalystForum. I am in interested in pursuing the FRM designation; however I have a few questions for the veterans of this site. I have been searching forums online (Analyst Forum, Wall Street Oasis, and other Google searches), but I have been unable to find up to date answers Some background info: I am a CFA Level 3 Candidate (using CFAI materials and Schweser) and a CAIA Level 2 Candidate (used Schweser for Level 1; will use UpperMark for Level 2). I have 3 years PE experience and I studied Finance in college. I took CFA Level 1 in December, CAIA Level 1 in March, and CFA Level 2 in June. I plan on taking CAIA Level 2 in March 2013 and CFA Level 3 in June 2013. Questions: 1) How difficult is the FRM compared to the CFA / CAIA? I know that FRM is more quantitative and more narrow focus, but I would like more info in terms of commitment and difficulty of topic areas. 2) As a follow-up question to the one above, how difficult is sitting for both exams in 1 day? 3) What is the best study package for both parts of the exam? A lot of people point to BT as the best provider, but I may consider getting Schweser or any other materials as well, if you recommend it. I am trying to gauge if I have a shot of passing both parts in November if I start studying next week. My job hours will be 7-7 more or less every day, but like for the CFA and CAIA, I am able to study 4 hours a day efficiently. Thank you in advance for your time and help.


Sorry. I meant to post this to the FRM Forum - was looking at both sections simultaneously.

  1. Can’t say since I only passed CFA L1 and currently registered to write FRM P1 and P2 in November.

  2. I’ll tell you in November, lol

  3. (I only studied P1 so far) BT notes are awful, they’re like a summary of complementary notes, so that’s saying! The practice questions are good, hard and they are a lot of them. The vids are supposed to be good and there is lot of support in the forums. Schweser has the best notes but the concept checkers and challenge problems are easy, too easy.