Citron Research tweeted about their short position here and the stock dropped about 2-3% intraday.

Never heard of CR before, but I’m impressed after visiting the website.

What do you all think about this trade? Apparently the fundamentals are even worse than the technicals for the TSLA story…

You don’t say :0

The last thing TSLA trades on is its fundamentals…

I owned 6 shares tsla for a little bit. I lost $60 per share on it and bailed - but I do think the company will get stupid valuations as more hype-ish things happen to them, particularly if they’re able to release some cars in the $30,000 price range.

If they can release a model at that price and a solid margin I’ll be very interested. I’ll believe it when I see it and won’t be seriously looking into this until then. I’m more interested in the Google driverless car though, that’s the real game changer