Turd, we need you back

"San Diego College Instructs Students on “Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation”


“The push by mainstream media and leftist academics to normalize pedophilia as an acceptable sexual identity appears to be reaching a new level of intensity, as an American student shared a powerpoint slide from a college class describing pedophilia in strikingly ambiguous terms on Friday.”

“Those who suffer from sick urges should receive professional, psychological help in private, without seeking to popularize their curse to the general public.”

The pedo epidemic is threatening to explode to new levels. We need a hero to fight this great evil. Turd my friend, when will you return?

are you born a pedo? or do you become one? also does it matter? should we lock up people that are born this way?

when exactly does 1 becoem a pedo? is it when you hook up with minor or is it right when you have the urge?

we need more rules.

technicaly if you hook up with a minor, you are immediately a rapist irrespective of consent. so theres that. lol

how does 1 define consent? i thought i knew consent, but turns out its pretty ambiguous.

I believe that you cannot control how you think. You cannot control how you feel. However, you CAN control how you act. And having sex with children is an act, not a feeling. Therefore, it does not matter whether you’re born this way or “became” this way. And you deserve to go to a PMITA prison.

The thing is though, that people take a moral view that is based on people’s intrinsic desires, not their actions. If you had a buddy who you realized is really into 10-year-olds, but he just never did anything about it, would you let him hang around your daughter? Sexuality is based on thoughts, not actions. So, even if someone is pedo, but never commits a crime, there is a layer of societal rejection that comes with that orientation.

just recently there was a girl that was arrested because she showed videos of herself to her co worker with an ak-47. she then made a remark saying there were some people shed really like to shoot. anyways she was arrested for her thoughts. she claims it was a joke!


side note. when i see a hot chick. i think of really racy things to do. should i be arrested for that? isnt that taboo as well? or is it more accepted since i feel msot dudes are creeps. hahaha. shouldnt the chick’s man cover her up or tell her not to dress that way as it invites competitors. yet for some reason in clubs they still dress provacative.

I agree with that. The guy from MIT who got fired recently because he made some posts saying that the outrage over pedophilia is a relatively recent thing…all the european and asian dynasties married off their children for alliances. It is interesting that Christian europeans were more religious under these dyansties than people today, but they didn’t come to the conclusion this behavior was gross or wrong.