I’m planning a trip to Turkey. Any suggestions for people who have been? What are the best cities to visit?

It has been a while since I was there but Istanbul was a great city to go to. I met up with a friend I new from my study abroad program that lived there, so he was a pretty good guide through the city. One of the best parts of the trip was going to Kusadasi to see the ruins of Ephesus.

Istanbul is probably one of my favorite cities. Good food everywhere and great looking women.

AM, Did u have a chance to touch those Muslim women?

^^ In my experience and contrary to what people think, in many muslim countries the big city upper class people tend to be more liberated than the second generation people who were born and raised abroad. A good example of that is the German Turks. Without falling into stereotypes, these people have a tendency of living in turkish communities in a rather conservative muslim way. Women who were born and raised in Istanbul on the other hand seem to have no problem with drinking and partying with guys.

^^^Yep, standard westernized elites in developing countries.

Viceroy, Many of German Turks are from the impoverished East. I know Istanbul very well, there are still more guys everywhere there than girls. But even though some girls go out and party (usually with male relatives and friends) I would be interested to know how far would they go with westerners? AM doesn’t have a reputation of a voyeur. Well, unless he was talking about Russian, Caucasian and Central Asian girls, some of them might look just like Turkish, and in the last 20 years they have invaded the country, as all Turkik nations get a Turkish State scholarship at the universities. Plus ethnical Russians who are entertainment industry workers, but those are hard to mix up with locals

The immigrants in general are usually not the cream of the cream of the society. Chinese immigration in Europe and Shanghainese elite look like they are from different epochs. I am talking about the mainstream immigration which is usually poor. Of course there are Chinese in Madrid who work in investment banks, but they came here to study for their Master degree or PhD, and cannot be considered mainstream.

I’d rather eat turkey.

Valores Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > AM, > Did u have a chance to touch those Muslim women? No. Sadly.