What ever happened to this guy?

Caspian? Where is he?


He’s dead Jim.


While I’ve reduced my posting here to once every few weeks, it looks like Turkish may have disappeared for good. Say it ain’t so…

Resurrected…how is everyone?

Were you in jail or something? How the heck are ya?

Quit old job, golfed for 2 months, started new job and somehow managed not to log in here everyday. There was some jail time over the holidays, but that’s a long story… What’s with all these posts of the charter being irrelevant…has the world gone mad?

Turkish I gotta warn ya, since you’ve been gone, many members are a little tight in the pants. The absence of your banter must have made AFers way too serious.

I’ll need to stop in more often. If people forget why they got started on the terrific CFA mission, (money, cars, girls, respect…not necessarily in that order)…I’ll stop by to remind them.