Turney Duff

What does everyone think of his stories? P!mp or poseur?


No idea who this is. A Tucker Maxx type?

His new hedge fund book was all over the news last week.

I just saw the articles about it today. All I know is that you have a guy with average IQ who gets into finance, makes millions, but ends up doing a bunch of coke and porn by himself. Anything else to know?

The typical BSD path.

He was in the news again today, said he blew 10 mil on strippers and coke before going straight.

Has anybody actually read his book? I wouldn’t mind a good wall street memoir, but I’m pretty skeptical after reading Belforts memoir. Way too narcissistic, it just made me angry.

I saw his interview on Bloomberg. He looked like another self righteous clown who partied way too hard and is now trying to chase away some of his past demons by making anyone who ever went out and rang up a bar bill on the tab look like Tony Montana. read is book? no thanks.

wolf of wall street sucked, too. only funny part was how he talked about steve madden. what a wierdo.

He just sounds like a junkie in a suit to me.

Lotsa co