Is her name Lisa?

I thought this thread was about the Turtle experience by Richard Dennis during the 1980s.

That is one sexy animal, but shouldn’t you put a NSFW warning in the title?

I like turtles.

Yes, yes, I see it now BWYF…my god, how could I have missed it before? Beautiful Mandelbrotian fractals with a partial dimension of 0.864 – who knew that the secret to the universal equation would be written on the back of the humble turtle…the ancients were right, the universe is indeed held up by a Pleurodira – only I was wrong to be seeking out the infinitely large when the answer was right there in the ridiculously small…I…can…see…the contours of spacetime…now…

This is some hipster bs

I think I see Jesus in that turtle’s shell


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You need to post more bro.

Is that one yours too?

Am i missing something? What the hell can you do with a stupid turtle?

I had a rabbit…all it did was poop around the house.

I think the turtles are much cooler (no pan intended) than the rabbits…

That said said, rabbits as pets are much less creepy than prairie dogs as pets… (another weird date)


Lol I didn’t pick a rabbit. I wanted a dog and my dad was scared of them so we settled on the rabbit. Cute but he was a dirty bastard.

If i ever settle down i’m getting myself a Huskey or an Alaskan malamute or maybe just maybe a Tibetian Mastiff.

I am getting a chocolate lab:) One of these days