map, or anyone around nyc, can you please tutor me for a review.

Me toooo… When are the classes beginning O Great Grand map?? :smiley:

Sorry guys, I wish I could help you…

I think that this forum is a great form of a tutor. You get input from lots of people and they help show you their way of thought through certain questions. Just keep posting your weak areas here and you will get help.

I will definitely take one test today, at this point I have no other options, have tons left to read, but…alas.

Good idea, the tests help point your weak areas that you need to focus on anyway. If you know what you need to focus on the most, you can maximize the rest of your study time. Just make sure that if you take an exam in the Q bank that you use the CFA weighting so it makes sure that you allocate your time better to the more important areas.

schweserpro is my tutor

i cant user schweser anymore, i have done the questions so many times already its not worht it :frowning:

I am planning on taking book 6, exam 2 cuz that’s the only one i have printed.