TV show better than prison break?

Need suggestions… already done watching Lost, Game of Thrones, Prison Break and Big Bang theory. Prison Break was my social life killer and made me addicted to american tv. Anybody knows about a show which they think beats prison break in holding the viewer to the seat till last episode of last season?

I watch Suits.

sopranos, true detective, the wire, rome, breaking bad, mad men,

+1 to Breaking Bad. House of Cards is another awesome series. Modern Family is also good but it’s quality has lowered in the last season. Sherlock is also an interesting choice.

Big Bang Theory, Two and a half men, The Office (US version), Southpark, House, That’s 70 show etc. are all great but they are old.

Who watches Mad Men for the plot? But mine would be Breaking Bad, Sopranos, True Detectives, House of Cards, and House M.D.

No love for 24? New season was great. Good Wife, Hannibal, Person of Interest are all good shows still on (in addition to what has been mentioned).

It is old, but the Shield was a great show (no, not the comic book one). Breaking Bad. Justified (this is more “fun” and less suspensful). The Walking Dead

thank you everyone for your suggestions…since the MODE in comments is breaking bad…I’ll give it a try

yeah walking dead is good too

I watch mad men mostly to bask in how good men had it


The Shield, Justified, Deadwood, Breaking Bad and The Wire.

For me, the top 3 are Breaking Bad, The Wire and The Sopranos in that order

checking out True Detective and The Walking Dead next

I’ll 2nd 24. Currently watching the first season of House of Cards and liking it.

I’ve kind of been liking Sherlock…I guess I’m a British nerd.

I’ve heard good things about Homeland, but haven’t watched it. I used to be a big fan of Criminal Intent, but haven’t watched in a long time.

Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and the Wire, in that order.

Homeland is pretty watchable, the 1st series was great and it’s tailed off from there but it’s still a good watch.

Sherlock is superb as is Orange is the New Black

Vikings (History Channel)

The Wire, Rome, True Detective (HBO)

30 Rock (NBC)