TVM question

Hello, I am trying to work through an example from Schweser, Book 1 p. 121 on my HP12c and keep getting an “error 5.” Example: Calculatin the number of periods for specific growth. How many years will it take for an investment of $1000 to grow to $2000 at an annual compound rate of 14.87%? Answer: FV = 2000 PV = 1000 I/Y=14.87 the result should be N=4.9999. I keep getting “error 5” everytime I try. Maybe somebody can try it too and help me figure out what am I doing wrong? Many thanks.

put either of the PV or the FV with a -ve sign - typically the PV = -1000, and FV = 2000 One of them is an inflow and the other an outflow. CP

Thank you, CP.