Twice failed

2014 failed band 4

2015 failed band 7

I totally bombed in the morning section as my watch gave out just as the exam began :frowning:


1.) Should I reread the CFAI or Schweser or neither?

2.) Should I start now, or is it too early? I have huge time issues caring for a child so every year I run out of time studying? But I don’t want to start too early and forget the material that I’ve studied 10 months before the test :frowning:

I have 60/40 custody of my son so I only have about half the amount of time available to study as some candidates. I don’t have good support structure to rely on a steady study schedule. So each year I’m scrambling towards the end to find time to study…hence the poor results.

I know that my issues are lacking of good time to study, and available time. I’m just wondering if I should just keep the information fresh and keep studying now! If I wait until December to start I’ll forget some of it, and it’ll be more like starting over. Or is a break better?

Any retakers have good suggestions?