Twitch Study Group - Machine Learning, Big Data, Probabilistic Approaches

Hey Everyone,

On Thursday night starting at 6pm Arizona Time, I will be streaming live on twitch hosting a study group for the following Quantitative Methods topics:

  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Probabilistic Approaches

My thought was to work through questions like normal for 6 hours, but if people join and have questions, or want to go over something, we can run through it together…

This is my first time doing this and have no idea what to expect. But I picked up a decent camera, boom mic, built my own PC battle-station (to do all this kind of stuff), and a tablet to write on among other things. My hope is to meet other people on the CFA Level 2 journey to study with and thought virtual would be the best way to go given our current circumstances.

This session is not for investment advice. I’m not a teacher or anything like that. I’m just a simple peon trying to make it through this thing and looking for others and potentially feedback along the way that could help just like a regular study group, but in this case, virtually.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you live!

Note: I plan to host a study group covering a different topic every Thursday night til the Exam in May.