Twitpic your CFA cavern! Good luck in your final few days. Watters

Dang, ur hot! Good to see cute girls doing this thing as opposed to the ones you typically see at the test center (yuck). GL to you too.

I doubt that is her.

Let one have hope sublimity, I would like to think there are still a few good looking AND intelligent women out there. Maybe she’s foreign!

the fact that it’s post #1 for him/her is an indication it’s a hoax a HOAX!!!

Agreed, Hoax. No one needs that much material for lvl 2, and if they do they deserve to fail.

you can definitely tell that picture has been altered…

the title of this thread should have been CFAI meets Beverly Hills 90210.

Man… what a crappy photoshop job the OP did You suck!

it could well be her - i’ll see if she wears that bikini to the exam

Absolutely hilarious that you think this is a hoax! And no I’m not foreign (though what foreign means for an international exam, I’m not sure. You probably mean non-American), in which case, yes, I’m English. And the London test centre is just as bad. You have to ask where all these people come from. @raoul, thank you.

so studying outside in your bathing suit? does this help you relax and learn at the same time?

You can tell it’s a shop, look at the pixels. Also, I have seen a lot of shops in my day.

hahaha the books melt into each other in the bottom left of the screen.

hahah i thought I suck at photoshop, this is the worst I’ve seen so far…

Cmon Watters, couldn’t you do at least a half believable photoshop? The books are way oversized, not to mention there’s 7 CFAI books, lol.


Dammit skip, how many times do i have to tell you, your car muffler is not a woman!

Worst chop I have ever seen.

lets just appreciate the pretty girl for a second… dare to dream people