Two bad dreams about failing that I had

Since the June exam, I had two dreams that I failed the exam even though I guessed that I got 70%-75% (got 71% on the Boston Society mock exam and felt I did somewhat better on the real exam). But reading the post-mortems here gave me doubts. In one bad dream, I received a letter in the mail saying that I failed in Band 10. Suddenly I thought, “Wasn’t I supposed to find out online? It’s not the early 1990s anymore, and I’m not in high school anymore.” The dream ended and I woke up. In an even worse dream, I was taking the exam and was caught cheating. The situation was even more embarassing given that my boss was sitting by me. Then I suddenly realized that my boss wouldn’t be taking the exam, because I’m an engineer, and nobody at work knows I’m going for the CFA. Again, the dream ended, and I woke up. As it turned out, I not only passed but got over 70% in every section, even the ones I had doubts about. This was FAR better than I expected given that I had trouble clearing 50% on Quantitative in the mocks.


An engineer having trouble clearing 50% on Quants!!!

I dreamed that I failed band 8. I ended up passing and was confident that I would do so, but I still woke up in a cold sweat, haha.