Two calculators...

are we allowed to take two calculators into the actual exam room and have them on our desks? feel i havent got time to go find a spare battery but have a friend with a spare BAII+ so thought if it was allowed to take both in i would… my exam rules dont say anything about more than one calculator just a spare battery and i dont want to be getting a tool kit out mid FSA! sorry if this has been asked before - i am getting paranoid in my panic! good luck guys

I plan on bringing two: CFA Website: Approved calculator(s), including calculator case(s)

Mine is an HP 12c and I have been using it for a year. I’m not even considering taking batterries as I believe these things last for years…daring? or stupid?

I brought 2 in December. No one said anything. Dreary, just buy a spare one. Is the possibility of the calculator dying on you worth the 50$?