Two days to go: Best of luck Level I candidates!

Well, you have two days to go. You’ve been studying like mad, working EOC problems and blue boxes and practice exams and QBank and mock exams and reviewing and reviewing and reviewing.

Now’s the time to relax and prepare yourself for Saturday. Tell yourself that you’re ready for this; in fact, you are.

If you must do something today and tomorrow, let it be a light review. Look at the formulae one last time. (_ One _ last time, not 20 last times!) Look over the lists of junk you were tasked to memorize (e.g., economic indicators). Skim Ethics. (_ Skim _!)

Make sure that you have what you need:

  • exam ticket
  • passport
  • calculator (and a spare if you want)
  • pencils
  • eraser
  • car keys
  • lunch
  • directions to the exam location

Put everything together in one place so that you can grab it all and go Saturday morning.

Get a good night’s sleep tonight. There’s no reason not to: you’re ready for this exam.

Get a really good night’s sleep Friday night. There’s no reason not to: you’re ready for this exam.

Best of luck to all of you. You’ll all be in our prayers Saturday morning.

Thanks sir

Thanks a lot! for all!

Thank you sir :slight_smile:

thank you so much for all of your help

My pleasure!

Do us all proud.

Thank you sir

you’ve been tremendously helpful…just curious, are you still in school (e.g. MBA)? You seem to dedicate awful lot of time here… (trust me, and it’s amazing to all of us!)

Well, I’m still in school, but now on the other side of the desk. I teach some finance courses at UC, Irvine, and taught mathematics as CSU Fullerton for 20 years.

If I ever went back to school on your side of the desk, it would be to finish a PhD in mathematics (probably in knot theory). One of these days, if I’m lucky.

If you want to read a little about my boring life, search for “oracle” on this very website.

Thank you sir! Aou are an asset on this site.

thank you very much sire,

when i search for particular topics here or frustated about some formula, unsurprisingly, more often than not, you are the one who answers and explained it all to us all young padawans.

So thank you very much!

for my fella test takers, i hope we all AF members will passed! (and i hope all lvl 1 takers here not encompassing more than 30% of entire cfa lvl 1 takers population, if so, then im screwed… lol )

Thanks a lot S2000 for all your help. The name befits you, you truly are a magician.

Thank you Mr Magician. Nice to have you here ^_____^

Thank you again! You da man!

Due to time zone difference, I will be among the first ones to sit for the exam tomorrow. I would like to say thanks for your supports and inspirations during these days, especially continuous supports from Mr. Magician and valuable advices from Ms. Nana Hachiko. Hopefully these will be converted to my success.

Good night, everyone. Keep calm and good luck enlightened! Once again, thanks.

Good luck buddy

You’re definitely one of the reasons why we’re gonna make it!!

What do you think of Schweser’s Secret Sauce as a high-level review for the final day?

Also, I feel compelled to thank you for your contributions to the forum. You’re a legend Mr. Campbell.

I’d say it’s good for the few days, maybe the last week. I wouldn’t have saved it for the last day; I’d be taking it a lot easier than that today.

My pleasure.

You’re too kind.

Good Luck to all candidates writing it this year! Be Sure to take the survey when you get the results!